Bamboo Island Web Content Bath Salt

Your skin must go through a lot of things due to harsh climatic conditions. It needs to tolerate all the torture that you are unknowingly subjecting it to. But now it is time to pamper your skin with our all-new body products. We at Bamboo Island always care for your skin and hence make such products that can give your body immense pleasure and relief. Our Epsom salts are among those products that you would like to use for your bathing regularly. You will be amazed by looking at the different variants that we have to offer at Bamboo Island.

Bamboo Island Bath Salts

With our specialized bath salts, you will get extreme relaxation and rejuvenation. The natural ingredients present in the bath salt are potassium, zinc, along various useful minerals. The bath salt soaks properly blended and dissolve when allowed to soak during a running bath. You just need to add 1 to 4 oz of salt to each bath. Other than the above-mentioned ingredients, our bath salts have also got Fragrance oil, MCT/coconut oil, sunflower oil, and Vitamin E,to enhance their efficiency manifolds.

Why choose Bamboo Island for Bath salt?

We have been serving our customers for 25 years now. Our products are considered the most effective bath and body products. Whether it is accessories like earrings or any bath products like bath bombs and bath salt, all our products are trustworthy. No matter what your skin type is, we have products suitable for all skin types. You just need to share your requirements with us, and we will be more than happy to help you. Also, we are specialized in making CBD bath salt soaks along with CBD muscle rub to give your long-lasting relief and relaxation.