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Among all the other steps off daily skincare routine, moisturizing the skin plays a crucial role. Especially for individuals with dry skin, it becomes mandatory to moisturize it regularly; otherwise, there is a great risk of many skin diseases. Moisturizing the skin helps to keep your skin healthy and protects it from skin irritation. If you are avoiding the moisturizing step in your daily skincare routine, then the possibility of blackheads and acne increases. Thus, to protect your skin, our specialized body buttercream will certainly help you out as it is made from natural body butter ingredients.


About Bamboo Island Moisturizing Cream

Our natural body butter and natural sugar scrub both the products come with a large number of variants. Midnight tuberose natural body butter, coconut lime natural body butter, red lychee guava natural body butter, sea salt shea natural body butter, and vanilla Bourbon natural body butter are some of the flavors available in the natural body butter moisturizing cream. For providing good nourishment to the skin, you must apply it all over the body throughout the day when needed. There are several natural ingredients present in the natural body butter, such as water, aloe barbadense leaf juice, organic olive fruit oil, and many more to nourish your body from within.

Why choose Bamboo Island for Moisturizer cream?

We have a wide range of flavors in body moisturizer cream and sugar scrub as well. Both these products will help you in keeping your skin smooth and soft. Also, its natural ingredients will never put you down in any way. We try to resolve our customers' skin problems in every possible way we can. You just need to approach us and share your problems; the rest will be assured by our team. At Bamboo Island, we care for your skin and offer you the best products for long-lasting results.