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A candlelight dinner at home with loved ones is always a better idea. You just need to set up a few things, and you are all set for a candlelight date. Those few things includea tasty dinner, some flowers on the table, and of course, a good, scented candle for lighting up your dinner and mood as well. However, getting a scented candle that can last long is a difficult job. But now, it has become easier with the help of Bamboo Island. We at Bamboo Island offer a wide range of amazing Soy candles that you would like to have at your candlelight dinner.

About our Soy Candles

We now have a long list of new arrivals in the soy candles collection. Vanilla bean soy candle, shea coconut soy candle, amber nights soy candle, Moroccan sand soy candle, coconut soy candle, coconut mango soy candle, Hawaiian rain soy candle, guava berry soy candle, mango melon soy candle, plumeria soy candle, and many more. We will be glad to help you out in choosing the best soy candles for your home. Also, there are two wick options to choose from, i.e., wood wick and paper core wick. All the soy candles fragrance is related to its ingredients.

Why choose Bamboo Island for Soy Candles?

You will be amazed after checking out our exclusive collection of wonderful fragrant candles. Along with the excellent bath and body products,we offer you premium quality soy candles to add some fragrance to your life. You will be pampered with options while making a choice as all our candles smell amazing and will transport you in a different magical world. All our customers are extremely satisfied with our soy candles and bestow us with repeat orders, time and again. Contact us now for any questions or queries that you may have.